Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

The closer it gets to your wedding day, the longer your to-do list seems to get. And the thought of adding one more thing to your list gives you a headache…especially when that task is finding a gift for your mom. From paper cuts to heartbreaks and everything in between, she’s been through it all with you. Not to mention, she’s been working hard throughout the wedding planning process to make sure your wedding day is everything you dreamed about and more.

As your wedding day approaches, it’s important to take a moment and thank your mom for how grateful and blessed you are to have her in your life. While celebrating her on Mother’s Day and her birthday is important, there’s something special about setting aside time on your wedding day to remind her how much she means to you. It’s a simple gesture that lets her have a well-deserved moment to shine.

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Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas

Your wedding day is sure to bring a few tears to your mom’s eyes. A monogrammed handkerchief is perfect to dab away those tears of joy. You can never go wrong with a pair of cozy slippers and a luxurious silk robe. (It’s a great way to involve her in the getting ready fun if she’ll be joining you in the bridal suite.) And after all the stress of the planning process, a bottle of perfume, some of her favorite hand cream and a trip to the spa might be what she needs to de-stress.

No matter what your budget is or what she likes to do, you can find the perfect gift for her. Here are my top 10 sweet and thoughtful mother of the bride gift ideas she’s sure to love. The best part is that these are gifts your soon to be mother-in-law will love too!

Minted Custom Map Print- Mother of the bride gifts
One Hope Wine and Snack create - Mother of the bride gifts

01. Custom Map Print

Whether it’s her hometown or her favorite city, commemorate that special destination with a custom map print to hang on the wall. Every time she looks at it she’ll be reminded of you and all the sweet memories she has of that place. Or create a print of a place you want to take her and give her some brochures along with a luggage tag to announce that you’re treating her to a weekend getaway.  

Shop Now: Minted, Starts at $36

02. Wine and Snacks Gift Crate

After all confetti has fallen and your thank you notes have been written, it’s time to toast your mom for helping you successfully make it through the wedding planning process. And what better celebrate then with a wine crate filled with delicious snacks and wine?! Whether she likes sweet treats or salty snacks, there’s a little of everything for her to enjoy. Find a copy of her favorite movie and give it to her with the crate for the perfect mother daughter movie night. 

Shop Now: ONEHOPE, $109

Color Me Floral - Mother of the Bride Gifts
Crane & Co personalized notecards - Mother of the bride gifts

03. Color Me Floral Book

Color Me Floral is the perfect mother of the bride gift for the woman who can’t get enough of her flowers. Whether she’s using stem from her backyard or flowers from her favorite market, this book will help her take her floral arranging skills to the next level. Gift a bouquet of her favorite blooms with the book so she can get started practicing right away. It’s a sweet and thoughtful gift she’ll adore using!

Shop Now: Amazon, $20

04. Engraved Pineapple Notes

For the woman who everyone refers to as the perfect hostess, these ecru personalized pineapple notes are what she needs. Whether she’s writing a thoughtful note to a family member or thinking of you note to a friend, these notes will make her words shine. A new fancy pen set would be the perfect complement to her new stationery.

Shop Now: Swoozie’s, $34

Sugarfina Champagne Bento Box - Mother of the bride gifts
Customizable Book about Mom - Mother of the bride gifts

05. Pop the Champagne Gift Set

Cheers the wedding day is finally here! The blooms are appointed, colors are coordinated, and the vendors are queued. But that doesn’t mean the celebration has to stop! This sweet gift set is the perfect way to toast your mom and thank you for all she’s done. Give it to her with a bottle of bubbly and watch her sparkle and shine with delight.

Shop Now: Sugarfina, $48

06. Customizable Mom Book

Fill the blank pages of this book with your favorite memories, thoughts, and stories of your mom. She’ll love pouring over the pages and reading about all the special moments you two have shared. It’s a beautiful reminder of how much she means to you. A frame filled with some snapshots of the two of you would be the perfect addition to this book. 

Shop Now: Amazon, $15

LL Bean extra large canvas tote - Mother of the bride gifts
Mother Daughter Necklace - Mother of the bride gifts

07. Zip Top Tote 

If your mom (or mother-in-law) is always toting things around with her, then this is the bag she needs. Whether she’s taking things to the beach, going to on a picnic or jetting off for a weekend getaway, this bag holds it all. Make sure she’s ready for her next trip by filling it with her favorite travel size beauty products.   

Shop Now: LL Bean, $49

08. Mother Daughter Necklace

Mothers and daughters share a special bond. Give her this chic necklace to remind her of the unbreakable bond you two share. The simple and delicate design makes it a piece she can wear everyday, no matter what occasion. Pair it with a note thanking her for everything she’s done and be sure to have tissues handy because it’s sure to bring a few tears to her eyes. 

Shop Now: Etsy, $35

At Home Herb Garden - Mother of the bride gifts
Daniel Wellington watch - Mother of the bride gifts

09. At Home Herb Garden Kit

Whether she loves cooking or is someone who appreciates fine food, she’ll love this at home herb garden. It lets her to grow ingredients, like basil, strawberries, and tomatoes. She’ll loving have the perfect thing to finish off her delicious meals right on her counter. Give her your favorite cookbook to help her find fresh new ways to use her new ingredients.

Shop Now: Uncommon Goods, $100

10. Leather Watch 

It doesn’t matter whether she’s on time or running late, you know your mom will be there for you when you need her. Give her a sophisticated and elegant timepiece she’ll never want to take off. A classic leather watch is perfect accessory for the stylish mom (or mother-in-law). Make it hers by engraving her name on the back.   

Shop Now: Nordstrom, $159

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Here are the top 10 gifts ideas for the perfect wedding gift for mothers of the bride...or groom!
Check out this list of the top 10 gift ideas any mother of the bride or groom will love.
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