10 Simple Tips to Efficiently Write Wedding Thank You Notes


Technology has helped make the wedding planning process much easier! With the help of your wedding website, you can easily track RSVPs, manage addresses, and share information about your big day. But one of the things that technology can’t replace is the hand-written thank you note.

There are countless numbers of friends, family members and vendors that helped make your wedding day possible. Sending them a hand-written thank you note is polite. It’s an important and heartfelt-way to express your gratitude for the role they played in your special day.

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Wedding Thank You Note Etiquette

Many brides think they have up to a year to send out their thank you notes, but that’s not customary. Proper wedding thank you note etiquette says that they should be sent out no more than three months after the wedding date.

Now that you know when you need to send your thank you notes, the next question is who do you send them to? Here’s a list of the people you should write thank you notes to:

  • Your parents and in-laws

  • Bridesmaids

  • Flower girls and ring bearers

  • Host/Hostess: Each person who hosted a bridal shower, bridal luncheon, engagement party, etc. for you should get a thank you note.

  • Anyone who gives you a gift: For any item, cash, check or contribution you receive at a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or luncheon, you should write them a thank you note.

  • Anyone who gives you a group gift: Each individual who contributed to the group gift should receive a thank you note.

  • Anyone who helped out: Whether they ran errands or picked people up from the airport, anyone who did a favor for you should get a thank you note.

  • Any vendors who went above and beyond

Envelopes. cards, and stamps within reach makes writing wedding thank you notes a breeze

Wedding Thank You Notes Tips

After the confetti has fallen and you’ve unpacked your honeymoon suitcase, thinking about writing a hundred thank you notes can be daunting. How do you overcome and prevent wedding thank you note fatigue? Today I’m sharing 10 simple tips to make writing wedding thank you notes more efficient and fun!

01. Start writing thank you notes immediately.

The key to making the task of writing thank you notes manageable is to start writing them immediately. Once you receive your first gift or attend your first wedding celebration event, start writing your thank you notes.

02. Keep a spreadsheet of everyone’s addresses.

An address list is something you’ll need throughout your wedding planning process. Whether you’re sending save the dates, shower invites, or your wedding invitations, you’ll need your guests’ addresses (and your calligrapher will need them too!). Make it easy for yourself and create a spreadsheet of everyone’s addresses when you’re putting together your guest list.

Having a spreadsheet of addresses readily available prevents you from having to look them up every time you need to send out something. And it means you don’t have the excuse of not writing thank you notes because you have to look up the address later.

Brides Tip: Add a column to your address list to track gifts. That way you don’t have to try and remember whether Aunt Sally gave you sheets or towels.

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03. Divide and conquer the list.

Instead of writing your wedding thank you notes by yourself, turn it into a fun date night. Open a bottle of wine, put on your favorite tunes, sit down with your fiance and knock them out.

04. Set aside 30 minutes daily to work on them.

Writing a few thank you notes at a time makes the task much more manageable. Not only does it help you stay on top of your thank you notes, but prevents you from getting those pesky hand cramps.

05. Stock up on your supplies.

Make sure you have stamps, nice pens that won’t smear or bleed, envelope sealer (your tongue will thank you), and stationery ready to go. As a note, it’s not proper to use your married name, married initial or monogram until after you’re married. Instead, select a stationery with your first names, your wedding symbol, or something nice that simply says “thank you.”

Brides Tip: Use Forever stamps so you don’t have to worry about the price of stamps changing once you buy them.

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06. Have a designated writing space.

Keep all your supplies out in an easy to access spot. This helps you keep tabs on your supplies so you can quickly see if you’re running low on something. It also means you don’t have to spend time getting everything out every time you sit down to write your wedding thank you notes.

07. Keep track of the notes you send.

There’s a lot you have to think about during the planning process. It’s easy to lose track of who you’ve sent thank you notes to and who you haven’t. Having a list means you don’t have to remember and ensures no one gets forgotten. I don’t know about you, but anytime I get to check something off my to-do list it feels amazing!

08. Batch the tasks.

Batching is doing the same type of task at once. This helps you be more efficient because your brain doesn’t have to waste time switching between tasks. When you sit down to do a group of thank you notes, write all the content. Then stuff all the envelopes, address them all, and then put on the stamps.

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09. Get a return address stamp or labels.

Whether you decide to use your address or your parent’s address, your return address probably won’t change during your engagement. Save yourself time by getting a self-inking stamp or printed return address labels so you don’t have to write your return address every time. Remember, you want to use your first names only until after your wedding.

Brides Tip: If you’ll be moving before your wedding day, use the address you list on your wedding registry as your return address.

10. Write an example thank you note for reference.

When you’re writing a lot, it can be hard to come up with genuine, heartfelt things to say. What you definitely don’t want is to have your thank you note sound rushed or impersonal. Having an example thank you note can help jog your memory about things you want to mention. Some things you can include in your note are:

  • Thank them for being there: Their presence is a gift too.
  • Mention the specific gift they gave you: This prevents the note from sounding generic and impersonal
  • How you plan to use it their gift

Brides Tip: Here’s an example of a thank you note to send to your wedding guest.

Dear Aunt Claire and Uncle Brian,

Thank you so much for being there to celebrate with us on our wedding day. It was wonderful to see you and Uncle Brian. Mark and I appreciate the mixing bowls and cooking utensils you gave us. We’re excited to whip up our favorite pasta dish and are looking forward to your next visit, so we can make it for you. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.


Brittany and Mark

Here are 10 simple ways to make writing wedding thank you note quick, easy, and fun!

Importance of Wedding Thank You Notes

Writing your wedding thank you notes may feel like a pain, but never underestimate the power of a hand-written thank you note! It’s a simple act that definitely makes your guests feel loved and appreciated. Whether you’re writing three or 300, the key to painlessly writing your thank you notes is to start writing them sooner rather than later.

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