5 Expert Pieces of Advice for Brides

Working with a wedding planner or wedding coordinator and a team of professional wedding vendors means you have access to their experience and expertise. This may be your first time down the aisle, but the pros have done it more than a time or two. I’ve polled a few fabulous wedding vendors to get their best wedding planning tips to help you make the most of your wedding.

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1. Make your wedding day unique to you.

Make your wedding special, unique to you and your relationship. Let it be about you! For example, I have many couples book with me who love to travel. We try to emphasize this by doing either a destination wedding or engagement session. It’s more meaningful to them. They get to spend time together in a new or favorite place and have a professional wedding photographer capture those gorgeous images!

Callie, Callie Manion Photography

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2. When planning a destination wedding, have your photographer arrive early.

This is something many photographers overlook when preparing for a destination wedding. Have your photographer arrive early to acclimate to the climate. Places like Mexico and the Caribbean are popular for destination weddings. The air is hot and humid which can make shooting challenging. This also applies to cold destinations like Iceland. You want to make sure your destination wedding photographer is used to having cold fingers and toes while shooting.

Ask your destination photographer to spend some time exploring the area to find those hidden, picture perfect spots. That way don’t have to waste time on your wedding day looking for them.

Grace, RightStart Photography

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3. Read the reviews.

Wedding photography is an investment. Reading reviews gives you a different perspective on what it’s like to work with that wedding photographer. They offer insight into whether or not the investment is worth it. Look for reviews that talk about how well they worked with other vendors or how the clients felt on their wedding day. Or ask them if they have any past clients you can reach out to directly.

Lily, Jieru Photography

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4. Create and stick to your wedding budget.

Create a wedding budget and put it into a spreadsheet. When you’re assigning funds, make sure you budget a little extra in the two categories that are most important to you. Plus, going through the process of tracking and recording all the transactions keeps you accountable. It makes it easy to see how much you’ve spent and what’s left in each category. It’s a huge help in keeping those spontaneous purchases in check, especially when you’re close to going over budget.

Jenna, Jenna Tracy Events

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5. Don’t forget about being engaged.

Enjoy your engagement! You’re only engaged once and it’s a special time that should be savored. Many brides get caught up in the stress of wedding planning and don’t take the time to enjoy this unique time in their lives. While having a wedding videographer there to capture your day gives you a beautiful memento, there’s nothing like being there in the moment!

Lindsay, Revelations Video

5 expert wedding planning tips for brides

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wedding planning tips for brides from wedding experts
5 expert wedding planning tips for brides from wedding professionals

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