How to Determine if Hiring a Wedding Planner is Right for You

Once you get engaged, one of the first questions people will ask you is if you’re going to be hiring a wedding planner. You may think it’s something you can do with the help of your mom and bridesmaids, but that may not be realistic or practical. From the time you begin getting ready to the moment you leave your reception, there are a lot of pieces to think about. Making sure all those pieces are well planned out makes it easier to flawlessly execute them on your wedding day.

Do You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?

But how do you know if you need to hire a wedding planner? Here are six questions to ask yourself to help you determine if hiring a wedding planner is right for you.

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01. Does party planning make you excited?

It may sound trivial, but the most important thing to think about is if you like planning. Creating your dream wedding takes a ton of planning and time. If you don’t the idea of putting together a timeline or creating a seating chart, you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner.

02. Can you take calls, attend meetings and dive into wedding details at the office?

You may have heard other brides say that planning a wedding is like having another job. With all the pieces that have to coordinate and come together, it can feel like that at times. And because weekends are reserved for actual weddings, the planning and prep work happens during the week.

That means you might need to take time off to meet with vendors or be available to take calls during the day. If you and your fiancé have full-time jobs, hiring a wedding planner can be one way to free up time in your schedule.

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03. Are you getting married in a short time frame?

The average length of an engagement is about 14.5 months. But maybe you don’t want to wait that long or want to get married in a particular month so your engagement would be shorter. Planning a wedding in a short period of time is definitely doable! It can be tricky though, as there are lots of decisions that need to be made quickly. Working alongside a wedding planner helps make the process easier and faster.

04. Do know what you want your wedding day to look like?

Between Pinterest, wedding blogs and wedding magazines, there’s no end to the amount of wedding design inspiration you can find. The key to planning a wedding that tells your love story is being able to take those ideas and personalize them. A wedding planner will help you bring the together the ideas you love into a cohesive and unique-to-you design for your wedding day.

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05. Is there someone you know who is willing to work your wedding day?

Making sure your wedding day is on time and on track means constantly communicating with the vendors and thinking about what’s happening next. It means making sure all the candles are lit so you can do your first look at the reception. It means alerting the band when it’s time to do the bridal party introduction.

There’s not time to chitchat with friends or mingle with out-of-town family at cocktail hour. If you don’t have someone that doesn’t mind missing out on all the wedding fun, hiring a wedding planner can be invaluable.

06. Are you someone who benefits from outside perspective?

Weddings come in all styles, sizes, and budgets. But sometimes Pinterest doesn’t always show the behind the scenes work it takes to make those over the top weddings happen. Unfortunately, they also don’t always tell you what it costs to make those weddings happen either.

A wedding planner can give you that outside perspective. They can tell you what’s feasible with your budget and what’s not. They can offer alternatives and suggestions about how you can achieve a similar style or look in a way that’s true to you.

All those little extras can add up quickly and it’s easy to start sweating the small stuff. Hiring a wedding planner gives you an accountability partner. They’ll help design your dream wedding. Keep you on budget and help you focus on what’s most important – the love you and your groom have!

If you're thinking about hiring a wedding planner, here are 6 questions you can ask yourself.

Hiring a Wedding Planner: Yes or No?

If your answer to any of these questions was no, then you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner. Hiring a wedding planner allows you to take some of the planning tasks off your plate. They help free up time in your schedule and allow your friends and family to be a part of the wedding celebration. Hiring a wedding planner is one way you can make the planning process more enjoyable and a little less stressful!

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Ask yourself these 6 questions to see if hiring a wedding planner is right for you.
Learn why hiring a wedding planner may be the right thing for you.

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