5 Special Ways to Honor Your Grandparents at Your Wedding

Whether you decide to follow them or not, weddings are rich with unique traditions. The one tradition that seems to be missing though, is the tradition of honoring your grandparents at your wedding. If you’re able to have your grandmother, grandfather or both grandparents at your wedding, that’s definitely a champagne-worthy moment!

How to Include Your Grandparents in Your Wedding

Taking time on your wedding day to recognize them publicly is a beautiful way to let know how much you love and appreciate them. You can do something as simple as displaying their wedding photos at your reception or asking them to do a reading during your ceremony. Or take them to lunch and then go shopping to make sure they’re dressed to the nines for your big day.

There are plenty of ways to make your grandma and grandpa feel included without putting them to work. If you’re aren’t sure how to go about honoring your grandparents, here are some special ways to include them in your wedding day.

bride and groom honoring grandmother at their wedding

1. Have them be your flower girl and ring bearer.

One traditional way to honor your grandparents at your wedding is to have them walk down the aisle at the beginning of the processional. But don’t be afraid to let your grandmother or grandfather do something a little more showstopping. Instead of opting for the typical flower girl and ring bearer, ask your grandparents to do it. Your guests will adore this unexpected surprise and it gives your grandparents a chance to have a bit of fun.

bride's bouquet with grandmother's pin and cross to honor her at the wedding

2. Get your something borrowed from them.

Incorporating a family heirloom as your something borrowed is a sweet and sentimental gesture… especially when it’s from your grandparents. Have your groom tuck one of the grandfather’s pocket squares into his jacket.

You can carry your grandmother’s handkerchief, wear a piece of her jewelry or attach her favorite brooch or locket to your bouquet. For something a little less traditional, turn her brooch into a vintage inspired hairpiece or wear her garter. (Don’t forget to take a photo with her to show it off!)

grandfather dancing with the bride at the wedding reception

3. Save a special dance for them during your reception.

First dances and parent dances are always a fun part of the reception. But why not let your grandparents in on the dancing fun too? As the bride or groom, ask them to share a special dance with your. Surprise them with a moment in the spotlight to twirl around the dance floor to their own wedding song. Or ask your DJ to include their wedding song as part of your reception playlist.

grandmother making a speech at a wedding reception

4. Use their china as your place settings.

Whether you’re sitting at a sweetheart table or with your wedding party, using their china as your place setting. It’s a meaningful way to honor your grandparents. Even if it doesn’t match, that’s okay. It’s all part of the charm and you can be sure that no one else will try to take your seats.

grandmother and mother of the bride on the wedding day

5. Top your cake with their wedding cake topper.

Dessert gets a little sweeter when it’s topped with your grandparent’s wedding cake topper. Consider doing two or three smaller cakes to show off the toppers if you’re lucky enough to have these cherished heirlooms from both grandparents.

Or if you have a more modern cake topper you want to use, no worries. You can display your grandparents’ cake toppers on the cake table for guests to admire when they’re picking up their piece of cake.

honoring your grandparents on your wedding day

Honor Your Grandparents at Your Wedding

Having any of your adoring grandparents at your wedding is a big deal and you want to make sure you celebrate that! Don’t be afraid to incorporate some of their accessories into your wedding day attire. Ask them to play a more central role in your ceremony. Let them have a chance to be in the spotlight and show off all their dance moves. No matter how you choose to honor your grandparents at your wedding, it’s sure to be a heartwarming gesture they’ll remember forever.

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5 special ways to honor your grandparents at your wedding
ways to honor your grandparents on your wedding day

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