5 Special Ways to Honor Your Grandparents at Your Wedding

The special relationships you have with your grandparents deserve to be celebrated and commemorated whether they are still with you or have passed on. Setting aside time on your wedding day to recognize them is a beautiful way to honor your grandparents on your wedding day. Some couples display their grandparents’ wedding photos throughout the venue or ask them to do a reading at the ceremony. Others include family recipes as part of their wedding culinary experience. However you choose to honor your grandparents at this significant time in your life, it’s a meaningful way to show how much you love and cherish them.

Invite them to be in your wedding party

Consider honoring your grandparents by inviting them to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen. Another way to include them in your wedding party is to ask them to be your flower girl and ring bearer. Your guests will adore this unexpected surprise and it gives your grandparents a moment in the spotlight. Have your florist design special bouquets, toss petal baskets, or boutonnières for them so they coordinate with the other members of your wedding party.

Choose your “something borrowed” from them

Whether it’s your grandmother’s ring, your mother’s fur stole, or your father’s watch, family heirlooms are an incredibly meaningful part of your wedding day. It’s a sweet addition to the groom’s wedding day look when he tucks a pocket square from his grandfather into his jacket pocket or uses his father’s handkerchief. We love when brides wear jewelry passed from generation to generation as part of her wedding day attire. Incorporating these family heirlooms as your something borrowed layers the new legacy you’re writing with layers of family history. 

Pay homage to your grandmother’s favorite flower in your wedding design

If your grandmother is known for her rose garden, consider selecting rose-scented votive candles for your reception tables to transport guests to her garden. Perhaps your grandmother always had a bouquet of tulips on her kitchen table. Ask your floral designer to display these blooms in your floral arrangements. A hanging floral installation with her favorite blooms in your reception is a subtle way to honor your grandmother and remind you she’s always watching over you.

Serve your grandfather’s famous recipe at dinner

Family and friends may know your grandfather for his famous biscuits, his secret pasta sauce, or his strawberry jam. Include the dish he’s famous for in your wedding menu or as a part of your welcome gifts. These special treats are sure to bring joy and delight to your guests when they recognize the special creator behind these treats. 

Save a special dance for them during your reception

Have a “generation dance” with your grandparents, asking them to join you as the newlyweds on the dance floor. If they aren’t comfortable being in the spotlight, honor your grandparents by sharing a dance with them during the reception.

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