How To Choose Your Groom’s Wedding Ring

For many grooms-to-be, wedding band shopping is a daunting task! Most men have never worn jewelry before (let alone a ring) and don’t know the first thing about finding the perfect one. Where do you shop for something so important? How is a wedding band supposed to fit and feel? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, don’t worry! Today, I’m excited to have the Hitched team share all the information you and your Groom need to get started with choosing his perfect ring.

First Thing’s First: Which Metal Is Right For You?

Men’s wedding bands come in a variety of metals. Traditionally, men’s wedding bands are available in precious metals such as gold and platinum. While you can’t go wrong with a precious metal wedding band, some grooms opt for more modern rings made with materials such as tungsten and wood. There isn’t a science to selecting which metal is best, but knowing the differences between them certainly helps!

If you prefer a ring that’s durable and hypo-allergenic, a tungsten or wood band are both great options. If your groom desires a classic, heirloom piece, gold and platinum may be the best fit. Keep in mind that modern metals can’t be resized and bands made with precious metals experience more wear and tear over time and might require professional polishing every few years.

Hitched wedding ring metal types

Up Next: Which Style Is Right For You?

The style of your wedding band is truly a personal preference and varies from groom to groom. The top three things to keep in mind when selecting your wedding band style is width, profile, and finish.

Wedding Band Width

Hitched primarily offers 3 different widths which consist of 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. Precious metals are more often desired in 4mm and 6mm widths, while 6mm and 8mm are popular for modern metals. Generally, the most popular wedding band width is 6mm.

Wedding Band Profile

When it comes to profile, there are many options to choose from. Classic (also known as domed) and flat profiles can be found in both precious and modern metal rings. Other profiles are exclusive to certain collections. In a precious metal such as gold or platinum, you can also opt for a modern, knife-edge profile or a traditional, milgrain profile. In tungsten, you have the additional options of a flat edge or beveled edge profile.

Wedding Band Finish

In terms of finishes, the two most common options are polished and brushed. Many of Hitched’s wedding bands are available in both a polished and brushed finish.  Polished tends to be the finish of choice for precious metals and brushed tends to be more popular for modern metals. Hitched also offers flat matte or hammered finishes for precious metals.

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Last But Not Least: What Size Ring Do You Wear?

Perhaps that hardest part of purchasing a wedding band is determining your ring size. Ring sizing can be tricky because our fingers change size throughout the day based on our behaviors, what we eat and drink, and throughout the year based on the outside temperature. You may find that your ring fits perfectly sometimes, but is either loose or tight at other times. This is normal, and as long as your ring isn’t slipping off your finger or cutting off your circulation, you can be confident your ring fits. Hitched offers a few options for finding your ring size and some helpful tips for when to size and how your ring should feel.

Size your finger later in the day.

Our fingers change sizes throughout the day. They tend to be a little puffy in the morning and then shrink throughout the day. Fingers swell in warm weather and reduce in size when cold. They also tend to expand when you are engaging in physical activity. The most effective time to determine your ring size is at the end of the day when your fingers are at their standard size.

Your ring should feel snug, but not too snug.

A ring should slide easily and effortlessly over your knuckle. Once it is in place, it should not be tight or uncomfortable. If you move the ring toward the back of your ring finger, there should even be a small space between your finger and the ring. Removing the ring is a little different. It should take about two or three attempts to slide back over your knuckle and off your finger.

classic white gold grooms wedding ring

Time To Start Shopping!

The founders of Hitched have been in your shoes and understand that wedding band shopping can be overwhelming. We created Hitched in 2018 as a way to provide couples with the convenience they found lacking in traditional jewelry stores. We designed and offer two amazing shopping experiences to help you select the perfect wedding band.

Select Your Ring From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The Hitched home try-on experience was designed for grooms who want a bit of extra time to evaluate their wedding band options. Grooms can select any five wedding bands in any size to be shipped to their home. For five days, they are able to keep the rings which give them plenty of time to try on each of the bands, finalize his ring size with a real ring sizing tool and select his forever ring!

Visit The Hitched Showroom For A Unique Shopping Experience

The Hitched showroom shopping experience was designed especially for men. You and your groom get to relax and sip on beverages of your choice while he has the opportunity to try on the entire collection in his ring size. During your appointment, our ring specialists help find his correct ring size and offer advice based on his personal preferences.

Your wedding band is a piece designed to last a lifetime. I hope the information Hitched shared gives you more confidence as you begin the process of shopping for a wedding band. Taking the time to evaluate what material, size, and style best suits you will ensure you purchase your perfect wedding band!

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