3 Reasons To Consider a Nontraditional Wedding Venue

Crafting a wedding experience telling your unique story starts with your venue. I love nontraditional venues, like historic mansions, libraries, and restaurants, as the location for weddings. They offer a plethora of design inspiration and distinctive atmospheres. These original locations allow you to design an unforgettable wedding day celebration by sharing your passions or hobbies with guests. If you’re considering hosting your wedding at a nontraditional venue, here are three ways to determine if it’s the right type of wedding for you.

1. You’re excited about curating new experiences for your guests

These nontraditional spaces may not be known for weddings. This makes it exciting for guests as they anticipate what the ambiance will be like. For you, this provides flexibility to determine how the guests experience your wedding celebration.

2. You desire a venue that communicates your distinct style

A nontraditional venue might be perfect if you know the vision you’re curating would only be brought to life by transforming a space. You prefer to showcase architectural design elements of the space rather than hiding them.

3. You’re open to nontraditional event formats

If you’re hosting your wedding at a luxury farm-to-table restaurant, you might embrace the ambiance by touring the farm during cocktail hour before enjoying a family-style, al fresco dinner. Perhaps you select the music hall where you first met and opt for an intimate concert performance for your guests instead of the traditional dance floor. Or if you fall in love with a historic mansion, allow the building’s history and culture to inspire the guest experience you’re designing.

If you find yourself excited by the idea of a tucked away location with space to implement your wedding design, a private estate wedding might be perfect for you.  

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