6 Reasons To Consider a Private Estate Wedding

One reason I love private estate weddings is because of the flexibility and freedom it gives couples. Having the property to yourself creates an intimate atmosphere and allows you to design your wedding in a way that suits your preferences. This doesn’t mean private estate weddings don’t have their own set of logistical details to work through though. Things like electricity, lighting, parking and restrooms aren’t things to think about when selecting a traditional wedding venue, but they are logistics you need to consider at a private estate.     

If you’re considering hosting a private estate wedding, here are six ways to determine if this is the perfect type of wedding for you.

1. You’re looking to host your celebration at a unique location

Private estates tend to be hidden gems. They aren’t locations guests have been to multiple times. Some private estates only allow a few events to take place on the property each year. Having your wedding at these more exclusive locations makes it even more special. 

2. You prefer a more private atmosphere

When you select a private estate, it’s usually accessible only to you and your guests. On your wedding day, you don’t have to worry about people staring and walking by while you’re taking photos around the property.

3. You’re excited by the idea of having a blank canvas to design your wedding

With this kind of design flexibility, you have the opportunity to create a space that feels like you’re inviting guests into your own home. If you want to design separate spaces for dining, dancing, and conversation, you can customize the layout. However, this blank canvas style design may come with more of an investment because of what may need to be done to make the space functional.

4. You desire on-site accommodations

Private estates with on-site accommodations are a wonderful amenity for both you and your guests. Your guests don’t have to be concerned about transportation, parking, directions, or traffic. They have a chance to enjoy all the estate has to offer throughout the weekend. For you, being in one location on your wedding day allows you more time to experience your wedding and converse with guests.

5. You’re looking to host a multi-day celebration

Booking a private estate gives you the ability to gather with your guests in a variety of settings over the wedding weekend. Welcoming everyone to the weekend with specialty cocktails by the pool is a memorable way to start the affair. An al fresco rehearsal dinner in the garden is the perfect opportunity for guests to meet ahead of the wedding. Brunch on the terrace the following morning continues the celebration and allows guests to reminisce on the most memorable wedding day moments.

6. You desire flexibility in selecting your vendors

Most private estate rentals are for the property only. You have the choice to select all your other vendors. The estate may have a preferred vendor list, but having your choice of caterers, florists, or beverage service providers allows you to partner with vendors that align with your distinct vision.

If you’re looking to host your wedding in a venue with a unique atmosphere and draw inspiration from the venue, you might consider a nontraditional wedding venue.

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