Unique Wedding Ceremony Traditions for Your Wedding

Wedding ceremonies are steeped in tradition. Whether it’s a custom like a ring warming or rose ceremony, these rituals are passed from generation to generation. Each one symbolizing unity and the coming together of you and your soon-to-be spouse. These ceremonial customs layer your wedding celebration with meaning. They connect your wedding to the legacies of everyone who came before you. Your wedding day marks the beginning of your new life together and should blend elements inspired by you as a couple and the traditions near and dear to your heart. Let the following wedding rituals help you tailor your wedding ceremony to something that’s a true reflection of your unity.

Document love through the generations

Your wedding celebration marks something old and something new. It adds another chapter to your family’s history book and is the start of the new story you’re writing together as newlyweds. The wedding day is a perfect time to celebrate love through the ages. After the ceremony, line up the grandparents, parents, and newlyweds on a staircase for a meaningful photo to document a visual representation of your family tree.

Let your grandmother fluff your dress before the ceremony

One of the last things taking place before you walk down the aisle is ensuring your wedding gown is smooth and wrinkle-free. Before your grandmother embarks on her walk down the aisle, give her the honor of making you look picture perfect to meet your groom. This last shared moment with her granddaughter will be a moment that lasts forever.

Honor a loved one by using a namesake flower in your bouquet

A subtle way to honor your loved ones is to select a flower that shares their name and incorporate the bloom into your wedding bouquet. Include a note in the ceremony program to explain the bloom was selected to pay homage to your loved one. Consider carrying a single stem of the flower to place on a reserved chair at the ceremony.

Host a pre-ceremony cocktail hour

If many of your guests haven’t met before, hosting a pre-ceremony cocktail hour encourages guests to mix and mingle to get to know one another. Serve a specialty drink alongside glasses of sparkling water and your favorite childhood snacks. These flashbacks to childhood create instant connections between your guests.

Create a first anniversary box

Gather meaningful items like a bottle of wine, mementos from your travels abroad, or programs from your favorite performances and place them in a box. Ask guests who aren’t able to attend your wedding to write letters to include in the anniversary box. Before the ceremony, add a love note you’ve written to each other and seal the box during your ceremony. On your first anniversary, open the anniversary box and see how things have changed and how they have remained the same.

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