What to Do the Morning of Your Wedding

Hooray! The morning of your wedding is about to be here!

You’ve spent countless hours working through every last detail to make sure your wedding day is a dream. But with all the planning that goes into the actual wedding, it’s easy to forget about how important the morning of your wedding is.

When you envision getting ready on your wedding day with your bridesmaids, you probably see everyone sipping mimosas getting their hair and makeup done. A playlist with all your favorite songs is on and everyone is singing along. And your wedding photographer is there to capture all those cute moments of you cheers-ing with your best friends.

All of this can happen the morning of your wedding with a little planning and preparation. Today, I want to share my top 10 wedding morning tips to help you make the most of your getting ready time.

bride looking at her wedding dress before getting ready

Wedding Morning Tips

One of the first things you should do when you wake up is to hang your dress and veil. Take your dress out of the garment bag and hang it somewhere out of the way. Make sure you hang it in a spot where it has space to breathe and where it’s out of the way. You don’t want it to be be disturbed until you’re ready to put it on. Hang it as high up as you can and leave it unbustled. For your veil, you can either hang it by itself or tuck the comb in the back of the dress and let it hang.

wedding invitation suite with wedding bands

1. Gather all your accessories for your photographer.

One of the first things wedding photographers do when they arrive is shoot the details. Have everything ready to go in one place with the tags cut off. This prevents the photographer from spending time looking for everything or having to disturb you to ask where things are.

Here’s a list of the details you might want to gather :

  • Wedding dress
  • Personalized hanger
  • Wedding bands
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Perfume
  • Save the Date
  • Invitation suite
  • Welcome gift
  • Programs
  • Vow books
  • Ring box
  • Ribbon
  • Loose flower stems
  • Wedding favors
wedding band set in dahlia

2. Make sure your ring is cleaned.

You’ll have lots of up close and personal photos of your ring and you want to make sure it looks picture perfect. If you didn’t get it professionally cleaned beforehand, don’t worry! Cleaning your ring is something you can do the morning of your wedding while you’re getting ready.  Here’s how you do it:



  • Small dish or cup
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap


  1. Fill a small bowl with very warm water and dish soap.
  2. Let the ring soak for 20 – 40 minutes, depending on how dirty it is.
  3. Rinse your ring with warm water.
  4. Put it on and watch it sparkle and shine!
bridesmaids wearing pink dresses getting ready

3. Eat breakfast before you start getting ready.

You may not feel hungry, but you want to be sure you eat breakfast and lunch. Once you’re dressed, there may not be much time to eat and you don’t want to risk spilling anything on your dress.

Make sure there’s plenty of food for the ladies (and the guys too!) to munch on while getting ready. You’ll probably still be getting ready around lunch time so make sure there’s lunch available as well.

Lighter, healthier options like fruit, granola, and yogurt are great for breakfast. Sandwiches and salads usually work well for lunch. Stay away from heavy, fried foods to prevent anyone from feeling bloated or queasy.

Brides Tip: If you’re providing transportation for the wedding party, have plenty of water bottles and snacks, like pretzels and trail mix on hand.

wedding morning tips for brides

4. Stay hydrated.

The common misconception about drinking water is that it will make you bloat. And of course, no bride wants to feel bloated on her wedding day. But that’s not the case at all! In fact, drinking plenty of water throughout your wedding day is essential. It gives your skin a healthy glow, it helps your makeup stay on better, and you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

Brides tip: The earlier you start drinking water, the better. Once you put your dress on, using the ladies’ room can definitely become more challenging.

bride and bridesmaid toasting on wedding day morning

5. Pop the bubbly and share a toast with the girls.

Getting ready with your girls is the perfect time to toast your friendship and celebrate the beginning of your new adventure. It’s also the perfect opportunity to thank them. Give them a group shout out during your toast and include a hand written thank you note in each of their bridesmaids gifts.

And don’t be afraid to turn it into a cute photo op either! Pop the champagne, throw the confetti and have some fun! Those photos of you cheers-ing are sure to be ones you’ll treasure for years to come.

Brides Tip: Remember not to go over board with the mimosas. You don’t want anyone getting a headache or feeling extra jittery during the day.

bride and bridesmaids with flower girl outside

6. Put away your phone.

Hand over your phone to one of your bridesmaids. Enjoy the last few hours you have as a “single” lady with your girlfriends. Make new memories with them, laugh, and tell stories. You want to be in the moment and not worried about responding to text messages or posting photos.

bridesmaid helping bride put on shoes morning of wedding

7. Pump up your favorite tunes and have a dance party.

Nothing sets the mood better than music. Putting on a playlist of your favorite tunes is the best way to calm your nerves and ease any tension you might feel. Before you know it, you’ll be having a karaoke dance party with all your bridesmaids.

mother of the bride and bridesmaid helping bride get dressed

8. Make time for your parents.

Your wedding day is a special day for your parents too. Make sure you set aside some alone time with them. Let your mom get ready with you and do a first look with your dad. Or let your grandmother help you get dressed and do a first look with both of your parents. These moments alone with them are a meaningful way to express your gratitude and to thank them for all they’ve done.

bride reading a note from her goom

9. Write a love letter to your groom when you wake up.

There’s no other time in your life where you’ll experience the flood of emotions that come with waking up on your wedding day. Take a moment before everything begins to preserve those feelings on paper in a love letter to your groom. The letter is sure to be a cherished memory and it’ll be so fun to sit down and read it together on your anniversary.

bridesmaids doing final makeup touches on bride

10. Designate someone to clean up the room for photos.

Dry cleaner bags and food are two things you don’t want to see in your getting ready photos. Tidying up the space before your photographer arrives is a task your wedding planner or day of wedding coordinator should take care of. However, if you don’t have one, ask a bridesmaid to be in charge. Task them with making sure the room looks spotless before the photographer arrives. A clean getting ready space means you get to spend time taking photos instead of cleaning up.

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what to do the morning of your wedding

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