What To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

After spending months planning your dream wedding day, the final countdown is upon you. While the wedding planning may be over, but you aren’t quite done yet. There are a few last-minute to-dos you need to check off your list. Knowing what to do the week of your wedding can feel hectic and stressful. Even the most organized brides can accidentally overlook some of the small, but important last minute-tasks.

To make sure no swoon-worthy detail is overlooked, here are the 10 essentials tasks to address the week of your wedding.

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Tip #1: Pack your wedding day necessities ahead of time

There are a lot of personal details that you need on your wedding day. You photographer needs your accessories, jewelry, and stationery for photos. You need undergarments and your veil when you’re getting ready in the morning. And then there’s everything you need for the ceremony and reception. Running around the morning of collecting things can be stressful. Gathering everything ahead of time ensures nothing will be forgotten.

Here’s a list of a few things you’ll probably need to gather:

  • Vows
  • Ceremony readings
  • Programs
  • Place cards
  • Table numbers
  • Welcome sign
  • Guestbook and pen
  • Card box

Tip #2: Place final payments and gratuities in separate envelopes.

Most vendors set up payments to be due before the wedding, however, you may have a payment or two left to make. Place these and any gratuities you’d like to give to vendors who went above and beyond in separate envelopes. Make sure they’re labeled with the vendor’s name. Give these to your wedding planner to distribute or to your mom or dad.

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Tip #3: Order food for the ladies (and gentlemen) while getting ready

Eating and drinking plenty of water on your wedding day is crucial. You don’t want to risk you or any of the bridesmaids fainting because of empty stomachs. Nerves on the wedding day are common, so order light, fresh foods are the best option. Yogurt and fruit, cheese and crackers, sandwiches and salads, or veggies and hummus always seem to be a hit.

Brides Tip: Don’t forget about the guys! You want to make sure none of them faint either, so order them some breakfast and lunch options too.

Tip #4: Prep your wedding day gifts

It’s customary to give the members of your wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers), the mother of the bride, the father of the bride, and your future-in-laws a gift to thank them on your wedding day. Wrap the gifts and put them with the other wedding day necessities you’ve gathered for safekeeping. You can also hand out your gifts at the rehearsal as well.

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Tip #5: Scuff your shoes

The soles of new shoes can be slippery. Walking in them ahead of time helps scuff up the soles and prevents you from slipping as you walk down the aisle. The best way to scuff your shoes is rub the soles with sandpaper or walk on texture pavement. Be sure to practice dancing in them as well. You don’t want something to go wrong with your shoes during your first dance or parent dance.

Tip #6: Practice your speeches

Whether it’s your vows or toast, you want to make sure to practice these speeches ahead of time. Those wedding day butterflies might catch you off guard, even if you’re reading from a piece of paper. You’ll feel more at ease if you’ve rehearsed them and read them out loud. If you decide to memorize them, make sure you have a copy of the speech or notes handy just in case.

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Tip #7: Clean your ring

There will be plenty of up close and personal photos of your ring on your wedding day. Schedule a trip to the jeweler to get your ring professionally cleaned. You want it to be extra sparkly on your wedding day.

Tip #8: Verify that the groom and groomsmen are ready to go

Don’t forget about checking in withe the gentlemen the week of your wedding. Be sure that everyone has picked up their tuxes. Go over the wedding day logistics and make sure they know where and when they need to arrive to begin getting ready.

Here are few things to remind them to do:

  • Get a hair cut
  • Shave
  • Try their suit or tuxedo on – make sure it fits and that nothing is missing
  • Practice his vows
  • Pack an overnight bag for the wedding night
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Tip #9: Write your soon-to-be spouse a love note

Nerves on the wedding day are common. A few loving words from your soon-to-be spouse can instantly help calm you down and get you excited about the day.

Tip #10: Rest!

It’s natural to feel like there’s still a lot left to take care of in the week before your wedding, but don’t forget to relax. For the past several months you’ve been planning your wedding and the big day is almost here, so you deserve to rest! Make sure you get plenty of rest so you can look and feel your best on your wedding day. Remember everything will be just peachy and soon you’ll be married to the love of your life!

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10 last minute things you can't forget to do the week of your wedding
what to do the week of your wedding

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