5 Thoughtful Ways to Include Your Mother in the Wedding

There’s a good chance your mom played a big role in planning and prepping for your wedding day. Whether she was helping you find your dress or select the perfect vendors, she’s been with you since day one of the process. But when the wedding day arrives, your dad gets most of the attention. He’s the one walking you down the aisle and doing the father daughter dance with you. It doesn’t seem fair that she doesn’t get her moment in the spotlight.

How to include your mom in your wedding ceremony

It’s your big day, but taking time to include your mom in your wedding ceremony will mean the world to her. It’s a simple way to give her a well-deserved moment to shine. Here are five thoughtful ways to honor your mom at your wedding.

Mother wearing a long floral dress walking her daughter down the aisle in a church

01. Let her walk you down the aisle

The tradition is for the fathers to walk their daughters down the aisle. However, more couples are embracing the idea of making their wedding day their own. And seeing mothers join their daughters for their walk down the aisle is becoming more common. Allowing her to escort you down the aisle is a beautiful way to include her in your wedding ceremony. If you don’t want to break away from tradition completely, walk down the aisle with both of your parents.

After the walk down the aisle, surprise her with a sweet reserved sign and an embroidered handkerchief on her seat. Or write her a thank you note and include it in your ceremony program. She’s sure to cherish these unexpected little details from your ceremony for the rest of her life.

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02. Showcase one of her recipes

Whether she made chocolate chip cookies or homemade pasta sauce, there’s nothing like your mom’s cooking. A fun way to honor your mom and her cooking is to serve her specialty at your wedding. If she’s known for her desserts, send them home with your guests as favors or serve them alongside your wedding cake. Or maybe she’s famous for her biscuits which could be a delicious accompaniment to dinner or for a midnight biscuit bar. Your guests will love getting the chance to sample your favorite recipes from her.

Bride holds grandmother's vow book

03. Get your “something borrowed” from her

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. These tokens of love are a wedding tradition that is meant to bring the bride good luck on her wedding day. Incorporating something borrowed from your mother is a sentimental and sweet way to honor her on your wedding day.

Wear her wedding dress. Borrow a piece of your grandmother’s jewelry from her. Wear her veil or use the lace from it to wrap your bouquet or create a garter. It’s a meaningful wedding tradition to honor the generations of women in your family.

One of my sweet brides chose to use her mother’s prayer book, which also belonged to her grandmother during her ceremony. It was a precious way to remember and include the women in her family in her wedding ceremony.

Mother of the bride wearing a white fur stole looking at the bride wearing a custom capelet

04. Do a first look with your mom

There’s something heart-fluttering about putting on your wedding dress on your wedding day. Choose to have a special first look with your mom as she helps you into your wedding dress. She’ll love having the chance to savor a private moment with you. And it’s the perfect chance for you to give your mom a special mother of the bride gift. And since your bridesmaids won’t have seen you in your dress that means you can do a first look with them too!

Do a mother daughter dance at your wedding reception to honor your mom.

05. Do a mother daughter dance at the reception

The father daughter dance and mother son dances are a fun part of the wedding reception. But why not give your mom the chance to show off her sweet dances move? Pick a song that’s meaningful to you both and set aside time during the reception to do a dance with her. Keep it a secret and give your guests an unexpected surprise! Doing a mother daughter dance is a fun way to honor your mom at your wedding.

I had the honor of coordinating Maureen’s wedding at the Pomme. At her wedding, she and her mother surprised their guests with a choreographed mother daughter dance set to “Ain’t No Mountain High”. Their smiles were contagious and the guests loved it! It was one of the most memorable moments of the evening.

5 thoughtful ways to include your mother in the wedding

Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding

Having your mom be a part of you wedding day is a thoughtful way to let her know how much you appreciate her. Share a private moment together or let her take center stage with you. Let her show off her famous recipe. No matter how you chose to include your mom in your wedding ceremony, she’ll be touched you’re taking time to acknowledge her.

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Honor your mom at your wedding
5 thoughtful ways to include your mother in the wedding

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